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Handling Cases Pre-Indictment or Post Indictment in Federal Court

An investigation or indictment by the Federal Government is a terrifying experience. The entire might of the government is arrayed against you and the consequences are almost always serious. You need an attorney experienced in dealing with the Federal Government – state court experience is simply not enough. The skillfulness of your attorney can make the difference between failure or success. Kenneth H. Lewis has over 42 years experience in successfully handling Federal cases.

Prior experience in federal court is an absolute must! Talk to Attorney Kenneth H. Lewis before you proceed.

How Do I Know If I Am Even Being Investigated By The Federal Government?

You may never know in advance of arrest or indictment. Sometimes you'll be questioned by the FBI, DEA or other federal agents. Sometimes you might be called before the Grand Jury. Sometimes you might get a letter from a federal agency, such as the FDIC, indicating that an investigation has been opened up. If you think that you may be under investigation, immediately call an attorney with federal experience like Kenneth H. Lewis to confidentially discuss the situation.

Are Federal Cases Usually Serious?

Yes! The Federal government concentrates on cases that have a wide impact on society since they are the national government. They try to set an example for as wide a group as possible. Tax evasion would be a perfect example. The Federal government wants all U.S. taxpayers to fear the IRS and Federal prosecutions set that example.

The Federal government does not have unlimited resources, but they can concentrate a huge amount of legal resources in obtaining a conviction, whether it is the resources of the FBI, DEA or ICE (customs), for examples. The United States Attorney's Office typically handles prosecutions for the Federal government, and they are located throughout the United States in all major cities.

What Exactly Is The Difference Between A State And Federal Case?

There are two distinct and interrelated levels of government in the United States, the Federal and state systems. Each of the fifty states has its own state government, while the national government is the Federal government. Federal law often "trumps" state law, is sometimes separate from state law and sometimes interacts with state law.

An example of a purely federal crime would be a crime committed in a National Park. These parks are under the jurisdiction of the Federal government and are patrolled by United States Park Rangers. An attack on the President would also be a federal crime. So-called "ordinary" crimes like domestic violence or battery, for example, are usually dealt with through laws of the individual states.

Do State Courts Differ From Federal Courts?

Yes. Federal Court is formal and daunting. Federal judges are appointed by the President, require Senate approval and serve for life, unless impeached for bad behavior by the Senate. Procedures and rules are very different from state courts and a lawyer must be very knowledgeable in Federal procedure to adequately represent a client in Federal Court. Don't rely on an attorney who does not have extensive Federal Court experience.

Does The Federal Government Proceed Differently With Its' Cases?

Yes. Depending on the complexity of a case, the Federal government can take years to investigate, indict and arrest a defendant. A "grand jury", a group of regular citizens which sits to hear whether there is enough evidence to indict, is often used by the U.S. Attorney to answer investigative questions under oath, and to help put together its case.

Always consult a knowledgeable attorney if called before a grand jury, even if you believe you are innocent or only a witness to a crime. One misspoken word and you could end up being a target of the investigation even though you are innocent. A skilled attorney is vital in these serious situations!

What Should I Do If My I Am Being Investigated By The Federal Government Or Am Indicted?

  • Politely decline to speak to any agent, until counsel is present
  • Request to consult a veteran attorney like Kenneth H. Lewis before continuing any interview with an agent
  • Do not sign anything unless your signature has been "okayed" by counsel after reviewing the document
  • Constantly check your mail for any letters from the government that might pertain to you and your case.
  • If it turns out that you are under investigation, or have been called before the grand jury, or are facing indictment, be certain to retain a qualified attorney to help you.

An Experienced, Skillful, Qualified Federal Lawyer Is An Absolute Must!

Kenneth H. Lewis has the knowledge and skill to handle your Federal case. He is admitted to practice before the United States District Court for the Central District of California, the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court of the United States, where he appeared at counsel's table in the case of California vs. Rooney. He is also admitted to practice before all the courts in the State of California.

Free consultations are available. He will make clear how the Federal criminal process operates and discuss in detail all of your legal options, from negotiating with the United States Attorney's Office to trial. If retained, he will stay in constant contact and do everything possible to make certain that you obtain the best possible results.

Contact Ken Lewis now to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION.

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