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What is Arson?

Arson is the crime of intentionally and maliciously setting fire to structures or wild forest areas. It is distinguished from other causes of fire such as spontaneous combustion and natural wildfires. Some states, such as California, sometimes prosecute the lesser offense of "negligent" or "reckless burning" when a fire is set recklessly as opposed to willfully and maliciously. The probe of the cause of a fire is known as an arson investigation. The term arson is also used to describe fires deliberately set on the property of another or to one's own property to collect insurance compensation.

How is Arson Punished?

In California arson is a felony. It is also a so-called "strike", which means it can be used to enhance future sentences of someone convicted of a crime. Prison sentences in California can range up to 9 years depending on the Penal Code section charged, such as 451(a), burning a structure willfully and maliciously which cases great bodily injury to a person. Police and fire agencies take arson very seriously, and have speical, dedicated investigative units to investigate the crime. They used advanced scientific methods to trace the origin and source of a fire and to find the perpetrator. Of course, conventional police methods are also used such as informants or eye witnesses.

What if I am Being Investigated for Arson?

Do not talk to the police or fire department investigators without consulting an experienced attorney first. You may unwittingly implicate yourself in a crime of arson even if you are innocent. You need the guidance and protection of an expert. The authorities are not your friends in these circumstances and they may be looking for an arrest at all costs, even if an innocent party is arrested. Remember, arson is an extremely serious crime and can have far reaching consequences.

Finding the Best Lawyer

In finding the best lawyer for an arson case, be sure to check their years of experience as a lawyer, and the nature of their cases. Make certain that they know the law, procedures, practices and problems unique to arson cases. Make sure they are conversant with the methods the police and fire departments use to investigate arson crimes.

Why Hire Attorney Kenneth H. Lewis?

Ken Lewis has over 35 years successful experience in handling all types of criminal cases including arson cases. He knows the methods and practices of the all of the authorities, including the police, fire departments, district attorneys and the court system.

Protect your rights! Call Ken Lewis now to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION at: 213-624-4904, day or night. Its your freedom, and you need the very best representation to protect it!