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The Impact of #MeToo & #TimesUp on False Accusations of Sex Crimes

The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have taken social media by storm. What was once a simple phrase meaning “I as well” has become a symbol of hope for those who have been sexually abused. Nobody denies ...
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Can Restraining Orders Affect Work & Life?

A restraining order is a protective order designed to protect one party from another who has allegedly threatened or harmed them. No matter what type of restraining order is imposed, the life of the ...
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How Restraining Orders Work

A restraining order can be issued to protect an individual from harassment and harm or as a result of proven criminal activity. They can be useful to protect people who have been threatened and ...
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California Restraining Orders Against Family

Many Americans say their family is their number one priority, which makes restraining orders against family members’ delicate and complicated matters. If you receive a restraining order from a family ...
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Possible Outcomes of a Criminal Case Appeal

The judge bangs the gavel, the prosecution high-fives, the trial has resulted in a successful conviction. While this may be the end of the road for some cases, other cases continue through a criminal ...
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How Does Someone Combat a Conviction with New Evidence?

When people are convicted of a crime, they often think the case is over; however, many cases are overturned because of new evidence that is brought to the court’s attention. Many people believe that ...
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