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Sales of Illegal Drugs

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

The illegal drug trade is one of the most aggressively pursued criminal actions in the State of California. If you have been arrested for the sales of drugs, you will be facing serious penalties and the risk of extensive prison time. You need the help of a lawyer who specializes in the criminal law, and who has extensive experience with drug cases. You can trust the dedicated and highly skilled Law Offices of Kenneth H. Lewis. With the retention of Ken Lewis, you can rest assured that your case is being handled by an experienced and dedicated criminal defense lawyer who is always on lookout for your best interests.

Drugs are classified in "schedules" and each schedule contains a specific penalty. For example, heroin is contained in a specific schedule and carries a specific penalty with that schedule. Also, the amount of the drug allegedly sold influences the penalty; the more sold obviously carrying a greater penalty.

Defense for Sales of Drugs Charges

If you are arrested for the sale of an illegal drug, there are many possible defenses that you may be able to use. Both the United States Constitution and the California Constitution and statutes prohibit searches without a search warrant unless there is an "exigent" (emergency) situation. A judge must review, okay and sign a search warrant before it can be used to search a house, apartment or car. Often the search warrant is defective and a properly prepared "motion" can be made in court to "quash" (overturn) the warrant. If that is successful, all evidence seized pursuant to the warrant is excluded from the case, including any drugs themselves. It takes specialized knowledge to attack a search warrant and not all attorneys, including criminal attorney, can do an adequate job. Ken Lewis has successfully attacked numerous search warrants in his career and will review any search warrants in your case to see if they are defective and can be quashed. Other strong defenses may include entrapment, police misconduct or the simple truth that you are actually innocent and the arrest was a situation of mistaken identity. If you have been arrested, you need to contact the Law Offices of Kenneth H. Lewis immediately and retain experienced legal counsel.